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Best reference agency?


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Hi all

I am a landlord and found a new tenant via a colleague. Which credit reference agency shall I use please? Initially I was looking at open rent but then found some bad reviews.
I would like a comprehensive reference to be done to ensure that all is OK and that if any problems my rent guarantee insurance will accept the referencing.

Thanks very much

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21 hours ago, Richlist said:

Normally the RGI company deal with the referencing for you. Only those that pass their criteria are offered RGI cover.


Well not really. I have already purchased my rent guarantee insurance. They dont have a list of companies that they prefer, they said that as long as the company that does t he refrencing is a licensed one, then they are OK with that.


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That's news to me.

i don't understand how it's possible to buy rent guarantee insurance before the insurer knows what is being insured ?

In other words how can he offer to cover a risk before he knows what the risk is ?

You wouldn't buy any other type of insurance without the insurer fully understanding what they are insuring.....car, life, travel, pet, buildings or contents 

etc so how come you can get RGI ????

Can you give more details please ?

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