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Getting paid rent upfront to cover the entire tenancy


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Hi guys,

 I’m part of a start-up business that connects landlords with tenants who are able to cover the rent for an entire tenancy with a single upfront payment.

We are in the process of gathering some research from landlords and would love to receive your views and opinions through our survey, which I’ve attached below. It takes approx. 3 minutes to complete. 

If you’re interested in this idea, please complete the survey and leave your email address at the bottom. We will get in touch. 


We really appreciate your help and input.



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I would never agree to rent totally upfront. Many reasons for this but the main one being they seem ‘too keen’ and I’ve had fellow landlords discover the renter was in truth a canabis factory person with no interest in the property. Also you get people who have no credit history trying to do this, it might be ok for the first six months but after that you hear of defaults and problems as they’ve blown their money. They could also be money laundering. I’ve heard of people paying up front then finding fault within days to try and wriggle out and get a refund on all their money, thus hiding their money trail. It also completey messes up my tax having a lump sum payment in one financial year and then perhaps not the next. 

I would far rather prefer a steady tenant paying a regular amount. Why also the questions in the survey about students? You don’t give the opportunity for people to say why they might not like this method of payment. Also you seem naive when asking questions about length of tenancy as minimum for an AST is six months and so in most instances it is not practical to let for one or two months unless letting a room and you live in the property etc. 

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