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Government's Tenants' Fees Bill may effectively ban tenants with pets


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The Bill outlines a ban on landlords and agents from requiring tenants to make any payments as a condition of their tenancy with the exception of rent, a security deposit, a holding deposit and tenant default fees.

Specifically the cap on security deposit has already been outlined by the government as being one month’s rent.

However, the NLA says this one month limit will reduce landlords’ willingness to accept pets by removing their flexibility to take a higher deposit to cover for pet damage.

The NLA has previously produced research showing that 47 per cent of member landlords were unwilling to allow pets with 41 per cent of those citing the reason as potential property damage.

The association points out that the Dogs Trust’s Lets With Pets scheme advises landlords to either take a higher deposit or include a “professional cleaning on move-out” clause in the tenancy agreement in order to mitigate the financial risk of property damage.

It may well be that the government’s plans, as currently worded, could very well outlaw these practices. 

“The end result? Even fewer landlords willing to let to tenants with pets” warns the NLA.


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Its astounding.......that conclusion is so blindingly obvious to everyone except the people who are planning to introduce it.

It makes me wonder why the Gov don't take external advice BEFORE shooting themselves in the foot.

I've realised for many years now that virtually anything any Gov do cannot be relied on.

That's gonna get dropped fast, fairly soon.

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My AST requires T's to obtain written consent for pets, of course at application there is the question of pets and that allows me to reject the application.

So a couple w/o pets moved in over 3 years ago and what do you know there are 2 little doggies. I can hoof 'em but the ill effect of fleas will already be present. Any animal smells are soon there anyway. I can make claim after hoofing against them and/ or their well of g'tor, but I have little confidence in the CC system already and as the strategy I'm using against Compton's demonstrates, recovery of the out of pocket expense is rarely recovered and this ignores the effort required.

I increased their rent by more than £30pm more than I would otherwise. The longer they stay the better off I am and it's their choice, for now. The pile of paving blocks at the front are a new concern though.

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