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Anyone tried this anti mould product?


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I haven't used it but it looks good. 

Fortunately for me, I find I don't get very much mould left by tenants. As you know we issue a booklet to all tenants about avoiding condensation and mould. Generally that works well.

We do adopt a few principles that we find works for us.

1. We dont use wallpaper in any of our properties......unless its the stuff you hang and paint over.

2. Emulsion paint used is virtually always silk finish rather than matt.

3. In bathrooms and kitchens and whenever possible around window reveals & other suspect areas we use specific kitchen and bathroom emulsion.

4. When we do get a bit of surface mould we have always used proprietary anti bacterial mould and mildew remover....spray on, leave 10 mins, wipe of, rinse, let dry, paint over. 

5. Occasionally on badly marked areas we have had to use a  'stain blocker'.......but normal timber undercoat works just as well if you don't have any stain blocker.

Fortunately we have someone in the family who's a painter and decorator with 30 years experience so product advice is readily available.

I suspect mould is one of the major problems faced by landlords, especially in flats with no outside hanging space for drying clothes.

Modern property is tightly sealed with very little air circulation and older property has lots of gaps but is often badly insulated.

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I use proper bathroom and kitchen paint which does the job. I did have a severe condensation problem in my ground floor rental flat which had an unheated small entrance outer porch to front door. This was treated and cleaned with an anti mould cleaner and painted over with a bathroom paint 3 years ago. No mould has returned in the time up to now

Ventilation to any property is the key and I too advise any tenant about condensation with a leaflet..

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Yes I agree £69 for 5 litres is expensive compared to normal emulsion but it's worth landlords registering for trade discount at any suppliers. This often results in up to 20% discount, sometimes more and special offers throughout the year.

I try never to pay the headline price for anything.....there is usually a way of getting it for less.

Don't rely on your decorator to pass on any discounts.

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7 hours ago, Mortitia said:

£69 for 5 litres! 

I know not cheap. But I guess if it works it could be a cheaper option than these fancy extraction systems which cost 100's which is sometimes the next step after trying bathroom paints, airbricks and condensation guides etc. 


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I would like to emphasise how important it is to talk with tenants to explain how to minimise condensation.

In my experience the younger the tenant the greater the chance that they have no concept of how their lifestyle/ actions contribute to condensation.

Many tenants don't automatically see any benefit in opening bathroom windows after taking a bath or shower. They see a hot water tank or a radiator/ panel heater as something to lay their wet clothes on. Cooking without the extractor fan running saves on electricity and is quieter in their mind.

Regular visits (every 3 months) can help.


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