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That's the total number of documents, booklets and checks I or my lettings agent now deal with each time I relet a property. Astounding isn't it ??????

RLA tenant documentation checklist

Tenancy Agreement

Extra contract clauses

Standing Order form

Deposit  protection

Prescribed information


Schedule of Condition

Booklet on how to control condensation

EPC certificate

Gov't Booklet - How to Rent - latest edition

Legionella - tenant advice sheet

List of restrictions for leasehold property

Smoke Alarm working form

CO Alarm working form

Help information sheet from landlord

Instruction books

Template for reporting repairs in writing

Tenant check in sheet 

RGI insurance / references

Immigration checks

I have now agreed with my agents what items they will handle     ( they provide me with copies) and which I will deal with.

I have organised a file to hold a few sets of booklets & blank forms ready for each new tenancy.

Are you guys as organised as me or do you do what 95% of other landlords do.....plead ignorance of most of the items on my list ?

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Your are obviously very flexible Grampa.   :D


Yes I do all of the above RL.  I am fairly well organised now I have to say. All my properties are in office style folder's. My computer is set up for each property and everything is recorded and the calendar reminds me of important dates. HMRC tax returns all done online. I have to say the office computer makes life easy as does the printer.

I think I ought to admit I have not always been as organised as this and this is really only a recent 4 year event.  :D  OK  I was very haphazard for many years but as the legislation and form filling got worse for landlord's I decided I would have to get a grip. I did not want to use the service of any LA due to quite a few bad experiences in the early days of being a landlord so I do everything.

Once everything is up and running....... and to be fair I do have long term tenants so it is quite easy really but if you are a landlord with many properties you would have to be highly organised otherwise the whole thing would run away from you.

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