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Ground Rent


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Good evening chaps.

Adriatic Land (who use those bunch of buffoons Home Ground to collect the rent) have had a rent review following a 10 year period commencing Jan 2006. I paid the amount demanded in Jan 2016 to cover the amount from 1st Jan 2016 to 31st Dec 2016 in full. (as I always do)

Now the rent has increased by about £60 as a result of this review and I have now been invoiced this additional amount for the same period. I'm not so much worried about the extra ground rent but am rather annoyed that then can approach me 4 months into the year and demand more money for the same year?

What do you reckon, I suspect it's probably legal but it's annoying!


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Leases often include a clause allowing the freeholder to increase the ground rent at fixed intervals.

In your case, I suspect you were sent the annual rent demand before the 10 year review had been completed.

Often there is an appeal process if you think the increase has not been calculated correctly in line with the lease requirements.

You are fully entitled to dislike any increase and to feel you have not been treated correctly but freeholders and their agents are entitled to apply increases if the lease says they can. It's the way they derive their income from their property investment.

Check your lease for specific details and follow the appeals process if there is one.

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