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  1. Indeed, I've done this for several years and have enjoyed far better success than when I let agents find me them. (who quite frankly, would accept anyone in order to get the cash in - and that was a nationwide company) This is a job of mine (well not my main job) that can't be done from home so I consider it acceptable to meet a tenant provided social distancing rules are complied with. Anyway, it's in a few weeks time so we'll be out of this nonsense by then otherwise the country will be back in the stone age.
  2. Statutory Instrument, The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 6 (2) (l)to move house where reasonably necessary. There's no need to ''view'' in the day of digital images. BTW, three replies via Gumtree already.
  3. I've no idea. I had some others a few months ago that came from HK and paid 6 months upfront. It's an area where a fair number of immigrant workers reside. I'll put it up on Gumtree and see what happens.
  4. Good morning all. I have an apartment becoming vacant next month. A bugger as the tenant has never missed payments and looks after the place. Anyway, regarding the Chinese virus, is there anything that I should be additionally aware of? I'm thinking they pay their deposit and months rent, move in and instantly claim a rent holiday IAW government guidelines. Maybe ask for 6 months rent upfront, but I think that probably rules out 95% of tenants. Is it a buyers or sellers market at the moment? Interestingly, Rightmove have very few similar properties available in the area which I don't fully un
  5. Thanks Rich. I've had lots of families in these apartments before and being honest there's probably more families in the place than not. They actually do have outside spaces and the Indian contingent (normally IT contractors) can be seen playing cricket in summer and it's a friendly spot. This time of year though is another story. I've never had this problem before over several years so I suspect this night shift worker is being an arse but I can't obviously tell him that! I shall investigate and act on those points though. Thanks.
  6. Julian_S


    Good morning. I have a couple in an apartment with two young kids, of school age. The tenant has phoned me yesterday regarding complaints from the occupants of the apartment underneath concerning noise. Seemingly he is a hospital night-shift worker and sleeps during the day. These apartments are fairly new and I strongly suspect they have concrete floors and I've never had any problems in this area before. You'd have to think that you'd need to whack the floor with sledge hammers to create any real noise below so what these kids get up to it beyond me. I've always found the tena
  7. Thanks for the comments. I arrive at the conclusion that you can't go wrong (note my wording ''all other things being equal'') simply because you have the 6 months rent for a 6 months AST in the bank before they even get the key, that sounds like a no-brainer to me. I like the idea of rent guarantors, but it seems they can walk off after 6 months anyway, and if I have the 6 months upfront then I'm not sure what the advantage is? OK potentially responsible for putting damage right, but middle aged women......where do you draw the line? I shall investigate the resons behind their poor
  8. Good morning. I've got a middle aged lady wanting to view. She's moving cross country having split from her partner and has volunteered the fact that her credit rating is poor. However she is prepared to pay the rent 6 months upfront, and then again in a further 6 months if applicable. One side of me says that I can't go wrong, all other things being equal. But the other says that a middle aged woman incapable of managing her financial affairs is a liability. I'd appreciate any comments on the issue, thanks. (I do remember that an agency once found me a Chinese man with his own busin
  9. I've always found that little problems crop up that need sorting. The hot water that is no longer hot because the stupid time switch needs a degree in rocket science to fathom out or the hydraulically damped door closer that is leaking and allowing oil to escape. These sorts of things give you the ideal opportunity to have a gander.
  10. Thanks all. Gumtree has snared me two potentials today and the ad only went live early this morning. Julian.
  11. Thanks for the Gumtree recommend. I've just stuck a free ad on it, I'll see how it goes before upgrading with a paid option. I'm only 1/2 trying at the moment as there's another week to run before its vacant.
  12. Thanks Melboy. The situation has resolved itself as the young lady thinks it's a little too close to the city centre and maybe too noisy. It's not noisy really as it's down a cul-de-sac but that's the matter sorted. I too find my own tenants after a big LA found me a supposed BMW mechanic who actually was (as i discovered very easily) a car valeter and had an ex wife and kid to support. He couldn't find the £550pcm and I had to evict him which turned out to be fairly easy as he ###### himself when my paperwork arrived, signed for delivery. I was lucky there. So I don't automatically
  13. Thanks for the replies. The property is unfurnished and is a modern apartment in a large block. I own it outright and a property management company deal with repairs to the building (like leaking soil pipes etc) so insurance isn't really an issue. I suppose a criminal tenant could (for instance) rip the kitchen out but I would just have to put that right at my expense. The last few lets have been people that I have found myself, having got cheesed off with the local agents (Countrywide - now in deep financial do-do I think) and feel that I can do a better job by meeting prospective tenant
  14. I'd be grateful for some advice regarding the above and those claiming benefit I have a mother in law wanting an apartment of mine for her daughter who has split from her partner. One kid, one on the way, living on the state I imagine. She seems very genuine and is offering to go as guarantor, pay double the deposit or two months rent in advance. I've never had anyone other than full time paid employees before so I'd be grateful for any advice - pitfalls etc. What route should I take or should I just run away? The properties don't stay empty for long but the 'soft' side of me says I
  15. Good evening chaps. Adriatic Land (who use those bunch of buffoons Home Ground to collect the rent) have had a rent review following a 10 year period commencing Jan 2006. I paid the amount demanded in Jan 2016 to cover the amount from 1st Jan 2016 to 31st Dec 2016 in full. (as I always do) Now the rent has increased by about £60 as a result of this review and I have now been invoiced this additional amount for the same period. I'm not so much worried about the extra ground rent but am rather annoyed that then can approach me 4 months into the year and demand more money for the same y
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