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How Refreshing

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So 13th April at 6:31am a T leaves a message to say he has left the property and posted the keys through the letter box.

Of course later that morning I returned his call, surprisingly he answered, giving me opportunity to inform him of notice requirements and how to surrender, he had no interest.

The flat was left with loads and loads of cr*p, the flat stank and will need a full refurb. Confident that I shall catch up with the little git and as I'm very busy otherwise I have been treating the flat as not yet in my possession, that is- still his.

Today the Denbighshire Council Tax sent a reminder for last months tax, I hadn't received the original bill, but strange things have been happening to expected post from there for a short while.

I rang them to say the property hasn't been returned but Monday I bit the bullet and emptied the place, notice I haven't put his disgusting smelly stuff in storage. I expected a difficult time on the phone with a negative outcome. As expected HB is now paid for a different address.

"was there furniture in the Property?"

"Yes an overturned sofa, the place was uninhabitable."

"In that case we shall make him liable till Monday the 18th, I shall start an account for you from then with the class C exemption."

Wow, that took me by surprise.

"A cat in hells chance of a positive response here but you aren't able to say where he is?"

Under data protection I can't disclose that." As expected. I'm not saying he told me but now I know.

At this rate I could have some of my faith restored in administrators.

I wish I had that information Monday as that horrible, disgusting, cr*p would have ended up in his car, as much as would have fitted anyway. After all I would only have been returning his property to him.

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You seem to attract all the tenants that I reject. But you do seem to 'enjoy' a far more interesting and varied lifestyle than me.

I never bother to attempt to ring my local council tax people. It usually results in me waiting on hold for ages whilst the auto answer system runs thru the options. Far quicker to send them an email containing all the relevant info and to get an automatic receipt to say that they got it.

Might be worth you getting registered at your local scrap metal merchants.....I've taken tenants scrap there and got paid for it, although scrap prices are falling sharply.

Always try and see a problem as an opportunity.....it seems to work for me.

Good luck.

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This particular T has been in place since August 1 2009. For the flat that's a very good result,

The downside is that I could see a long time ago his life style would cause total refurb of the flat at departure.

I've no problem with him moving on but I was for warned by his wife (another long story there) that he intended to 'do the dirty', she even provided dates.

Over the years he's served notice of 7 - 10 days 3 times, and retracted. Last year, at retraction, I told him he had terminated his tenancy and a new tenancy was required. This had a £350 admin fee and I created a 12 month AST, clearly his desired new location had fallen through so he had no choice.

Some years go he involved environmental health regarding the T above. The noise nuisance turned out to be noises in his head.

I'm happy not to have him as a T but as he has been a general nuisance and has set out to get what he perceives as justified revenge I shall enjoy applying the stress I perceive as justified.

I thought that he would smoke himself to death in the flat one day and that would have been hassle for me anyway.

'Deleted, in case the wrong person gets to read it.'

Welsh Enders goes on.

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Don't forget....tenants that serve notice and then stay on past the termination date mean you are entitled to 2x the rent.

Now I know this has happened in Wales I'm a little concerned. I'm soon to spend a few days in north Wales doing....Snowdon, Harlech, Portmerion, Caernarvon, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, Beamaris, Conwy and a few other places. Please excuse the inevitable spelling errors.

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RL you will enjoy, weather permitting.

At some of the less cosmopolitan towns there is an anti English style, but it's easy to avoid and there is no reason to believe it will spoil your pleasures. Remember I frequent Prestatyn. When you are further up like Colwyn Bay and beyond there is a more pleasant aspect to be enjoyed.

Conway Castle,

Caernarvon Castle,

Betws y Coed,

Beddgelert (visit the grave and read the story),

Llanberis Pass,




All worth a visit. If your putting your hiking boots on I can recommend some cracking walks.

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