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Apparently Paragon Mortgages plc have published some interesting BTL statistics.

. There are now 2 million landlords in the UK owning and renting

. 5 million properties.

. 18% of all households now rent from private landlords.

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There are approximately 56 million people living in the UK and the politicians still pass stupid laws that affect us all so I wouldn't hold your breath on expecting politicians to act sensibly when it comes to Landlord's or the rental market.

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Not without a strong voice of opposition anyway.

I see that we will continue to be a target for each politician that wants to gain a few browny points with the masses. Just look at Millibrains latest attempt to gain votes, successful or not it's still at our cost.

I became anti union back in the 80's when I saw their destructive style but there is a valid purpose for them if managed with good ethics.

So why do the RLA fail to fail to effect reversal of biased gov't attempts?

Would they be better and stronger if more, like me, swelled their membership?

Do we have other and better options?

Is it time for a new LL's group to speak out / cause action in defence?

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