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Water Softener


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A water softener is installed at the property and in the TA there is a clause that the tenant "ensure that the water softener, if applicable, is operational throughout the Tenancy and to provide and fill the water softener with salt as and when necessary as specified in the written instructions".

Potential tenant (not yet in property) has queried the TA and asked that the salt blocks be provided by the landlord as the tenant doesn't want to pay for these. Landlord advised that they would not be providing the salt blocks, to which the tenant replied, thank you but I won't use the water softener then.
Your thoughts on this please from both LL and T perspective?
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A new one on me. :D

I guess the answer to your questions is. How much are salt blocks and is it worth losing a tenant over it if this tenant is the one you want?


It's in the TA and it's my requirement that you do this so you either comply with it or find somewhere else.

I think the tenant has all the potential of being tiresome in the future but if they are paying a top-end rent for a top-end property perhaps they feel this way over the matter. You don;t mention this at all.

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It is top-end rent, yes, and tenant's perspective is that it's a matter of principle - the water softener is a fixture and fittings and wasn't mentioned at the time of advertising, nor at viewing. They attempted to negotiate the monthly rental which LL wasn't prepared to move on and tenant accepted this and agreed full asking price. Only when TA received was this brought to the tenant's notice and their perspective is 1) should have been mentioned before and 2) if you insist you want me to use it, fine, but you pay for it otherwise I don't need it considering it's a luxury/convience item. Is that helpful?

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Would add that salt blocks will be in region of c£20 p/m and LL perspective is that the water softener benefits long-life of white goods i.e. washing machine / dishwasher etc. As far as I can see the water softener doesn't contribute to the bath / shower.

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Water softness are not common in rental property, this is the first time I have ever heard of one in a rental.

Because of that, the fact that it wasn't mentioned to prospective tenants and it's going to cost £20 per month I think the landlord should not only foot the bill for the salt but also arrange for it to be regularly topped up. Your tenant didn't know about it and doesn't want it. If you want it used....presumably because it's a benefit to you/ the property,.....then you should be the one who puts themselves out.

Learn from the situation and make sure tenants know about it next time.

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. As far as I can see the water softener doesn't contribute to the bath / shower.

It should do. The only water that is not permitted to be treated is drinking tap water.

I think in this situation with a top-end rental and the fact of non disclosure of an additional cost of water softner salt etc. you may have to accept that next time additional water softener costs should be mentioned.

As Richlist has said you have to learn from this episode and move on.

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