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Another question for those who know better than me :unsure:

We have a potential tenant who has scored as low risk with a guarantor. We are concerned because her income is nearly £5000 lower than the 'affordability calculator' and there are no references as such:

1. She has been living with family, so no landlords reference and no utility bills in her name.

2. She is of pension age so no employment reference.

My question is even though her credit report states 'low risk' can we reject her application?

We already have a potential court case ahead because of having to evict a tenant, and don't want to put ourselves at risk of another one.

Many thanks


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Personally I'd avoid anyone who doesn't tick all the boxes.

You can reject ANY application.

Others would be happy to proceed with a guarantor BUT PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

* Make sure the guarantor is a home owner.

* Make sure you reference the guarantor.

* Make sure the document is drawn up as a deed .

* Remember if it all goes wrong its the guarantor you'll be chasing.

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The person may be of pension age and receiving the Senior's pension but they may have a private pension to back it up with.

The decision to let to this person must be based on number crunching their income against projected outgoings like rent, council tax etc.

If it is crystal clear that they will not meet the monthly outgoings then you must not rent to them as they will quickly flounder and you will find yourself in trouble yet again.

Caution is the keyword for you here.

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