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Well, I am almost ashamed to say that I have just let my flat through a free Gumtree advert. :D

But in my defence I did carry out the most strictest of vetting procedures and I have ( I hope ! ) secured a very nice tenant who passed my occupation test as laid down in "Richlist Law".

I do all my own paperwork so it didn't really make sense to pay out £475 to my usual LA for a tenant find.

Only time will tell if everything works out well and having just visited the flat on day 3 I am not disappointed by what I see.

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We find a traditional estate agent type board works well alongside a weeks advert in the local rags classifieds. Normally costs us about £30. We put a bare description in the ad with reference to our own web site were we put all the detail. The web site costs us £30 (no vat) per year to host and is maintained by us.

Works well for us.


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Some of these will have already been mentioned:

* With a local lettings agent

* Local newspapers/ regional newspapers.

* Shop window adverts.

* Gumtree & other web sites.

* Your own dedicated property web site.

* Notice in the actual property window.

* Offer a finders fee to your existing tenants.

* On works notice boards.....your own, friends/ family, local hospitals etc.

* Word of mouth.....friends, family, work collegues.

* Works magazines/ newspapers of large local employers.

* Professional publications eg doctors/ health workers, teachers, engineers.

* etc, etc

You are only limited by your own imagination.......and the effort you want to put into it.

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Well, I love the new reply box........Thank you Resident.

Probably a good time to mention my Gumtree experience(s).

It wasn't too bad. I did however have what I thought was going to be an easy passage with my very first enquiry. Professional Teacher in a secure post. Unfortunately he has not learnt to read yet so it doesn't look to good for his students.

This person took me right to the drawing up of contracts as he was desparate to move in and he said the magic words after many email communications and pictures ." I'll take it "!

So we get to the flat with the existing tenants permission to do a viewing and to do the paperwork when he says. "Is it furnished or unfurnished"? ..............and I replied "It is unfurnished as stated in the big black bold letters of my advert"

He wanted a furnished flat! Moron!

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Remember the old sayings.....

* one swallow doesn't make a summer.

* if there's a way to do it better.....find it.

* the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

* if you want a place in the sun you have to put up with a few blisters.

* innovation comes from creative destruction.

and when you've managed to work around all those......the tenant leaves ! :lol:

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No I wouldn't recommend one........and lets face it, the odd individual experience, good or bad, shouldn't be used to choose or reject anything.

I have no idea if they are all the same but, common sense suggests that they will all, whilst offering the same basic product, be at least a little different to each other.

I realise my response is as useful to you as a chocolate teapot. Hopefully someone might come along shortly extolling the virtues or otherwise of an RGI company they have had more than a limited experience with.....

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Hi there. I'm new user of this forun. :P

Whit family we are desperate to find new home(2-3 bed whit garden) in Reading or Basingstoke aera.

Can anyone now anything,will be grateful(trying to get out from council flat in really baaaaad :( aera in Reading).



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