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Abatement Order

Carryon Regardless

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I remember a thread a few months ago where one of our contributors, sorry I forget who, offered advice on an abatement order.

I can't find this thread so I've been researching some. I thought the suggestion was around a section 28 order that we are able to bring to court ourselves. All I've found so far is some on a section 82 and this doesn't really fit the bill

Private and statutory nuisance - Richard Buxton Solicitors

I'm looking for something to attempt control of the abuser in the block of flats where I have 5 of 6, and he is owner occupier of the 6th.

This link sounds very similar in that I can take proceedings privately, gain the order (injunction in my mind) and the abuser becomes criminal if/when he fails to comply. This however seems to apply to companies being inconsiderate rather than personal harassment.

Things seemingly have been hotting up there over the last few weeks with scrapping, breaking windows, lots of verbals. But really it's just a continuation of years of abuse.

I've lost 2 tenancies very recently due to this and 1 replacement (couple) have started to move in today, and already I've had his abuse reported.

Is anyone able to assist my research as I'm not coming up with much useful -so far.

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