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Help with this one please


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I have tenants who tend to do things without telling me, for instance original doors were replaced by cheap tacky modern ones and when the tenants were asked what happened to the original doors the reply was " we binned them". They are very resourceful and I am sure the tenants sold the original doors. However the point of this blog is to ask for advice please. Last week whilst my roofer was working on the property the tenants rang stating that the upstairs SOCKETS had stopped working. I replied saying that I would call our electrician. This was followed by the tenant asking whether he could use a friend instead, I said he could as long as I was informed of the nature of the problem, the work that was needed and the likely cost prior to work commencing and stated that unless I heard back from him my electrician would attend. My electrician rang the following day to confirm time of his visit at the property and was told the problem had been resolved by using a hair dryer on the LIGHT FITTING. Different circuits springs to mind.

The roofer finished his work at the property, and called to pick up his money. During his visit he asked me why there were aerials in each of the three bedrooms and two sky dishes. It would appear it made his work on the roof a little bit difficult. My gut feeling is that they did not want my electrician to actually see what caused the problem - hence their wanting to use their fried. When a request by me to visit the property was made two months ago, first of all they threw a wobbler saying that they were always making improvements to my property and when I insisted they said they were away for a couple of days but I could go the following week.

How should I resolve this please.

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My instinct,

get rid as soon as and start again,

While waiting, and suffering, for the effects of this situation to take their course do much reading / learning of how to operate your business in future.

I sympathise but legislation doesn't and by being a soft touch you will end up subsidising the dregs.

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Do you have a detailed signed inventory?

You need to decide weather you want to keep the tenants in the property or not. If not serve correctly a section 21 notice but if there is a deposit that has to be protected correctly otherwise the s21 will be invalid.

If you want to keep the tenants you need the lay down the law and play hard ball. Write them a letter and make it perfectly clear that they are not to make any alterations or do any decoration to your property without written approval first and you will want to inspect any works directly after finished.

Also state you will require the original doors to me replaced when they vacate or they will be charged the for the cost incurred to replaced for like for like.

I would also set up a schedule of visits for the year and text the tenants a reminder 2 days before each visit.

The first time they start playing silly buggers write them another letter and send 2 copies one by recorded and one with proof of postage and state unless they do xyz they will be given notice to vacate.

You need to make a commercial decision and decide if it is better to keep the tenants there because they pay the rent and have been they so long you would have redecorated when they leave anyway or say enough is enough and get them out and get some good tenants.

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You have allowed your tenants to take control over you.

Removing doors and replacing them without permission is an utter nonsense imo.

You are building up future problems for yourself if you don't get rid of them now

Just do it .......as has been suggested.

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Concur with all above.

More ammunition to use against tenants offering to do work: -

1) Original doors could have been fire resistant doors, subject to paint certification etc.

2) Electrics could have been subject to electrical installation certificate requiring Landlord's approved contractor.

3) Aerial installations may be subject to permissions from local Planning authorities.

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