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Prospective Tenant Wants to Fit New Carpet


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I have a prospective tenant that wants to fit a new carpet in the lounge. Normally I just refuse these kind of requests.....along with requests by them to decorate etc.

However, this is the second person to view this property and both have made the same request to replace the carpet. So, maybe the colour, darkish green, is not to everyones liking. To be fair I didn't choose/ fit the carpet. It was already down when I bought the property. The lounge is quite large, and being a tight-arse I didn't want to spend a few hundred £'s if I didn't have to.

Now I'm thinking this offer might work OK. We could handle it by an exchange of letters after they move in i.e. tenant sends letter requesting to replace the carpet. I send letter by return giving permission subject to .....various requirements.

Has anybody else had this situation and taken it through to its conclusion ?

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It is workable but the things to watch out for are:

1 Clarify who owns the carpet after fitting, it has been known for tenants to take the carpet with them when they leave as they paid for it.

2 Choice of colour and quailty (including underlay) to suit any future tenant and the landlord.

3 Professionally fitted and not done by a mate with a stanley knife.

4 What if any damage is done to the skirting boards and/or paint work during the fitting?

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Nothing wrong with that RL. Just make your terms and conditions water tight on who does the work and who owns the carpet and who pays for it.

I have just had a similar scenario in one of mine whereby long term tenants wanted a heated towel rail in the bathroom to replace standard radiator.

They bought the towel rail and I paid my Son to fit it for me but I do have a signed letter stating that in the event of them leaving the towel rail remains as part of the property and belongs to the landlord. They didn't have a problem with that T&C either but there again they are very nice couple in for the long haul of staying put.

On the decorating question I never permit my tenant's to decorate.......ever!

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