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Damp meter

Dave A

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Reminds me of a time 20 years ago when I completely renovated a 1880 Victorian cottage. There was not a trace of damp inside. You can smell damp as soon as you enter any property and that is of course if you miss it with the MK1 eyeball.

We had to strip the walls of all plaster back to brick because it was loose and it was planned work anyway so it was not a major inconvenience really.

A Lady bought the place before we had even started work on it but the mortgage company insisted on a 10 year damp guarantee before granting any mortgage money. We explained that there was no damp it didn't even register anywhere on the meter scale.

Nope, had to have damp-proof chemical injection which is about as much use as teets on a bull and the guarantees are virtually worthless anyway. (another story).

Well, we did the work anyway and it only took a morning to do it.

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