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  1. Goodness, how sad. That happened to a colleague of my husband. He didn’t show up for work one day so they sent the police to check on him. He died sitting on his kitchen chair tying up his laces before heading to work. Awful for his family 😞
  2. Are you all registered with the ICO? I’ve been advised by the NLA that just having the tenants names is enough to require registration. Seems ridiculous, but for the sake of £35 it’s better than a £5,000 fine.
  3. Hi guys I need to find Landlord Cover for our home when we (re-)let it out in the new year. We used British Gas before but we believe there are many more competitive companies out there. Any you can recommend? Would need to include a boiler service and GSC too. Many thanks
  4. Acura


    Thanks all. This is what our agent has replied with ... “From 1st June you can no longer request that the tenants get the chimney swept.” Like you’ve all said, we’ll get it organised ourselves. I swear, the way it’s going landlords will be paying tenants before long to rent our houses 🤯
  5. Acura


    Guys, what’s the norm regarding fireplaces in a property? Should the tenants have the chimney swept annually if they use the fireplace, or at the end of the tenancy if they don’t? There’s nothing in the AST I’m reading to advise. Besides, everything has changed, so it’s hard to know what we can, or more likely, can’t ask them to pay for!!
  6. They aren’t Mortitia. Don’t think I said they were, but apologies if I was misleading. We have requested we meet the tenants too before paperwork is signed. They should be paying a deposit today and hopefully we’ll meet them tonight or early next week.
  7. Thanks all. We’re going with a 12 month contract with a ‘right to renew’ clause subject to property inspections showing the house is in good shape and rent is paid on time. Bit of a risk they may not renew, but we all go through that. Also renewed NLA membership which officially means I’m out of LL retirement 😏
  8. Exactly my thoughts RL. Thank you. The mortgage company is happy with 3 years. It’s a Let to Buy mortgage so we can crack on with our house build. Grampa, the tenants.
  9. Has anyone agreed to a 3 year TA without a break clause? Further to my post a few weeks ago about not being able to sell our house we have found tenants who want to take the property at the asking rate for 3 years, more than likely longer. Would you sign an agreement for that long? There’s always the risk of not being able to evict, but so far they are checking out to be exemplary professional tenants. Also, I cancelled my NLA membership after being with them for years. With only one property being let now (sold the rest) is it prudent to join again IYO? Thanks for your advice!
  10. Acura


    Hello all Last December I needed 3 EPCs doing at the same time. My management agency wanted £85 per property. Being the frugal landlord that I am I shopped around and found a company that would do them for £45 as they were all close together. Passing on the info in case anyone else needs them doing reasonably priced EPC Online www.epconline.co.uk www.energyperformancecertificates.co.uk
  11. Someone just posted this on the Book of Face, plus it’s the DM usual warmongering, but what the heck? They really are out to get us, aren’t they 🤯 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7417191/John-McDonnell-declare-war-buy-let-landlords-giving-tenants-chance-buy-property.html
  12. Should say the rental is OTM at £220k and I accepted an offer of £208,500 but he got refused finance so it fell through. In the States we sold our house in less than 2 weeks. Oh for it to be as simple here!
  13. Thanks RL The rental house in the town centre could well be of interest to investors. The I AM Sold outfit is an auction company and they’re suggesting a reserve of £205k with a starting bid of £190k to garner interest. We’ve looked at TrustPilot reviews and it seems sellers love the service, but buyers not so much due to the fees. Need to think about it a bit more. 2021/22 isn’t that far away, you’re right, which is my thinking too. However it fills me with dread if I’m honest letting again. It’s so different to when I started in 1987, as we all know, and I’m sick to the back teeth of agents. We’d definitely self-manage, but know it’s a huge hassle when we’d be 2.5/3 hours away busy with a self-build ... which is the whole reason for selling up. Gah. Where can we buy that crystal ball?!
  14. Me neither. Only recently changed a barrel in one rental as the key broke off in the old one. Property had been let since 1987 and this was the first time I changed the lock!!
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