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  1. Acura

    Selling my rentals

    That’s exactly what I thought - I’m running out of time. Everything is soooo slow! Brexit isn’t helping.
  2. Acura

    Selling my rentals

    Thanks RL. All makes perfect sense. Tax accountant has advised about joint names. One property was my sole residence at one point so he advised to leave as is. Have most of the other points sorted, but surprised you market in March. Do you get it sold by April 5th? That’s incredibly fast! I was thinking of serving notice soon!
  3. Acura

    Selling my rentals

    Hi guys We are looking to retire from the area so that means selling our own home (on the market) and the rented properties. Hope our home goes first, but it’s very slow going. Rented houses are cheaper and could be seen as good first time buyer opportunities. Want to straddle the sales over each tax year. Is there anything to bear in mind regarding giving notice/asking for potential viewings (I know they can refuse)/legalities/anything else? Havent sold a property in the UK before, so it’s all new to me, especially with tenants (on periodic) Thanks in advance.
  4. Acura


    Just coming back to this to say I’ve been to see the house and while he does have far too much stuff (in my opinion!), I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a hoarder as such. Need to make a decision on selling in this tax year. Give notice to this guy or to a woman and her adult son? Both properties are similar value, so it’s more a case of who gets the short straw getting notice before Christmas. Having not sold a rented property before, anything I should bear in mind? Maybe I’ll ask in a new thread?!
  5. Acura


    I will. In the meantime I will go and see the property myself soon so I can get a handle in the state of the place. The house was a HMO until a fire gutted it almost 10 years ago. It was completely renovated and I let it to this guy in 2009 when it was complete. The agents who are not my MAs also told me the kitchen and bathroom are in a state, so I’m pretty upset to be honest considering he had everything brand spanking new when he moved in. The bathroom floor is a mess as it’s been bleached around the toilet (without putting too much detail it sounds like he uses buckets of water instead of toilet paper, according to the agents). Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted. Tough time for us landlords out there. Very different to when I started in 1987!!
  6. Acura


    Thanks RL! I've not had experience other than TV programmes too, and the old lady opposite our house apparently was a hoarder. We've just returned to the UK from our stint overseas and we recently saw the house being emptied into skips and flatbeds, so we're imagining she's died. The lady who lived next door moved away as she was petrified of a fire. Anyhow, I wish I'd gone myself now to have seen the extent of all his stuff as he wouldn't allow the agents to take pictures. Going to need the good luck I reckon!
  7. Acura


    Morning! Has anyone had any experience of a hoarder? I’ve got one apparently. Had 3 agents to the house last week for valuations and two mentioned how they couldn’t even get into 2 rooms, and the rest were almost as bad. Typically both those agents were not my management agents! Every house inspection mentioned stuff, just not huge volumes or hoarding. Going to be selling up so this doesn’t bode well for viewings. Might be selling to the company next door, and they are happy to keep the tenant, but if they don’t want to proceed I need to give this guy notice before viewings.
  8. Acura

    Plastered Walls

    Ah, ok. Thought it was something like that. I had a similar situation in one of my properties. To save the question and potential damage I put up a load of hooks throughout the house. At least there were hooks for pictures, but it did pain me to put them into new plaster! Now we have Command Strips. They’re as good as sliced bread! Absolutely love them, and they leave no damage at all. Fabulous products. Shame the OP didn’t like the responses and deleted the post. A bit necessary! Oh, and as for curtain rails, if the tenants want them I’d probably agree and have them professionally put up. Want tenants to feel they are at home and stay long term.
  9. Acura

    Plastered Walls

    What was the OP’s question RL?
  10. Acura

    NEW Release of 'How to Rent' Booklet

    Thanks RL. Just another thing to deal with! It’s good though. Wish they had something like that when I started over 30 years ago. Down to 2 properties now, and will be selling them in the near future. Time for this LL to hang up her hat!
  11. Hi guys We are returning to the U.K. at the end of the year and have decided to leave our tenants in our house for a number of reasons. Going back after nearly 11 years away would be tough anyway. Looking for a detached house in the Home Counties in December. If anyone knows of anything or has a property coming up, please let me know! We're excellent tenants, if we say so ourselves!!
  12. Acura

    Condensation and Mould

    Sounds good Grampa. The link isn't working for me though. Is it my end messing up?
  13. Acura

    Mobile Phone Mystery

    I'm almost turning American as I had to stop myself from typing 'cell phones' and 'GPS'! That's all y'all!
  14. Acura

    Mobile Phone Mystery

    It's the way of the modern world RL. Sadly you'll have to get used to it as everyone is doing it! How we managed before mobile phones, Sat Nav, remote controls, Siri etc is beyond me!!