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What would attract you to a letting agent?


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I am a trainee lettings negotiator and I would like to hear from landlords what they really want from an agent...

What are your needs and expectations from a letting agent?

What can a letting agent do to stand out from others, in your opinion?

Would an incentive attract you?

Please advise :rolleyes:

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I have a wonderful agent!

My rent gets paid into my account 1-2 days after they receive it.

The respond to any communications whether phone or email promptly

They have an intuition about people so when giving viewings they will select the people they think would make good tenants (reading between the lines, going with a gut instinct - backed up with referencing) I will not hear about every viewing, I just get to make a final choice when they have sifted through the interested potential tenants and presented me with 2 or 3 who they feel will make good tenants.

When a job needs doing they work out the least cost option for me and discuss it. When the tenant slipped in the bath and pulled the shower riser off the wall their handyman was away on holiday and the relative of mine who lives close by who might have done it was also on holiday. She did not want me to have to pay a plumber so she called the tenant back and asked if he would be willing to mend it himself if I paid for the parts. He was happy and I settled his £7 bill out of the next rent.

I do not live close to that flat, I moved away from the area and rented it out as it was impossible to sell so I have it managed for me. I recently bought two more flats to rent out local to me. I manage them but have an agent collect the rent. I have learned that all letting agents are not equal! I have already tried 2 different ones in this area and have only had the flats 6 months. One is hopeless, the other is better but still pales in comparison to the one out of my area.

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Cheers Chestnut.

Great to hear Cheshire-Rose. The estate agent I'm working for seem quite similar - we go with our 'gut instinct' and no time-wasters. We credit check all our tenants, take as many reference as we can(e.g. work, previous landlords) 3 months bank statements and payslips! all to ensure we know the tenant(s) are able to afford their rent and for their keeping.

I am confident we are a good agent but as there are so many other agents around and so much competition, it's great to gain some ideas to what may help us attract more landlords. We are a small independent agency and sometimes landlords choose a more well known agency due to them being 'nationwide' possibly.

What do you look out for?

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