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Property with unknown tenant


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An old adage ...... "If it sounds too good to be true .... it probably is"

If it was that easy to get the "unknown tenants" evicted - why haven't the received already done this (so that they maximize the return on the sale).

I wouldn't touch this with a barge pole ..........

Let us know what you decide to do .....


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I'm with Trenners on this one! :unsure:

I'd be asking myself, why can't they determine the tenants and the type of contract? They probably can but they don't want to tell you!

If you really want it, try going round there and sitting outside for a while and see who comes and goes. You may be able to determine a little about who is living there (squatters I suspect!)

I have to say I do think you're in for a heap of trouble with this one!


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