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Nightmare tenants and letting agent


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Can anyone offer me any advice? earlier this year, via a letting agents who are paid for full management, two tenants moved into my house. The letting agent told me the references were fine. From the moment the tenants moved in they were nothing but trouble. complaints about noise, anti-social behaviour, etc, etc. The police were finally called to deal with a serious crime at the house this week and I've said enoughs enough. On chasing the letting agent it seems that their references were fake. The house is a mess, needles and such like in most rooms.

what can I do about the fact that they haven't done as they said they would re reference checks?

Any ideas who I can call to come in and deal with the needle situation as well?



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Hi Lisa,

I don't usually stand up for letting agents (as they often deserve everything they get) but if the references provided by the tenant were fake then it may not be the letting agents fault - assuming the letting agent followed up these references and received information in good faith.

The fact that the tenants have lied (and possibly got other to lie for them as well) is not the letting agents fault.

If I were you I would try and get repossession of the property via either a Section 21 or Section 8 notice. Get the letting agent to help you (and earn their fee) by serving the correct notice.

Good luck ...


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I agree, my problem is how many of us would believe that a referee for someone works for the MI6 in Russia. Most people would try and check it out cos that just sounds too suspect to me.

The names Bond........James Bond !

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Just for the future, I would recommend checking that any Letting Agent doing referencing checks for you are using a professional Tenant Referencing company.

Companies such as ourselves cannot weed out all false identities and documents but as this is our specialist area of expertise we should be more aware than a Letting Agent trying to do the checks themselves. We do know what to look for.

I would also recommend that you check that the Letting Agent has Professional Indemnity insurance so if they have made mistakes, they have the appropriate cover in place if you take them to court and you win. It is also good to check that they are registered with the Data Protection Registra.


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