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Tax Dodgers ?


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Mortitia what a fantastic tip, never mind references we can find out much more your way. But don't we need to be a friend or some such first ?

RL you have given me some concern, but not because of tax. Some years ago the infamous Estates & Management company sent out questionnaires to their leaseholders, nowadays I am such on just one property. They were inquiring as to improvements such as double glazing, central heating, extensions..... They didn't say so at questionnaire stage but lease holders should gain consent from them prior to such improvements, and for this there would be a charge for each improvement. There were many, I believe, that were disputing the charges applied retrospectively as E&M had become aware. As you might expect I totally ignored their request as in my view if they require such historic information that really has no relevance to their position they should get off their fat asses and find out for themselves.

I can see how sat on their tush they could now see an extension easily, oh dear.

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Yes I have many properties which come under Estates & Management and receive that questionnaire virtually every year. I see nothing wrong or inappropriate. They are merely excercising their right to make a charge on leaseholders for granting permission......something they are permitted to do by virtue of the lease. Its called good business and is nothing more than I would be doing had I spent my money purchasing the freehold interest in the properties.

If you HAVE made alterations to the property and haven't obtained written consent then you will have problems when you sell. The purchasers solicitor will want to see the consent......its at that point that you will need to apply retrospectively......and its usually twice the cost at that point.

Good luck.

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Me changes ? No aside from central heating the work of an extension and double glazing were in at my purchase. I expect no consideration was given to such permissions being required and for that you might suggest that my solicitor had failed my mortgage provider ?

But as E&M have bought many freeholds, and part or sub freeholds that in truth I don't fully understand, you see I have another property bought freehold that I am requested to pay annual ground rent for. It's reasonable to expect E&M's multitude of freeholds to differ. They won't all allow for a charge (of £150) for such permissions. I also don't expect E&M to request their solicitors to understand each freehold and its terms before attempting to scare some poor old sod into paying up.

I think Grampa commented on E&M's corrupt antics that were even brought up in Parliament ??

I have no objection to a business making profit, after all I don't run as a charity I try not to run as a charity. Making money without consideration to the moral aspect or the impact on others is just plain wrong. I wouldn't expect many to be aware of such a penalty and certainly don't buy any "it's business" justification, and there is no other justification as I can see.

With the E&M offer for you to purchase the freehold/s have you ever considered making a reduced counter offer ?

Maybe this could be the place for many to negotiate such as one ??

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