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DSS Rent Arrears


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Any advice would be apprieciative.

After several weeks of looking for a tenant for my buy-to-let house, i agreed to let a DSS single mum in on a 6 month tenancy agreement. This was after i personally vetted her (financially, for any possible ccjs etc), a previous landlord and also a previous work reference, i also have a guarantor.

I took one months deposit and one months rent in advance (in cash).

It is now almost two calendar months since she moved in and i haven't received a penny in rent since. She alleged that the rent council accessors came round three weeks ago and would only award her 95% of the rent. She claims she has appealed and now they will pay 100% of the rent, and a cheque would be sent out to her within a couple of days. She told me this nearly two weeks ago.

I told her that she needs to keep me updated on the progress and i haven't heard from her since, she is also not anwering her phone. I've now threatened her with legal action if the rent isn't paid on the date when two calendar months is up.

PS I'm about to lean on the guarantor. I've tried to be fair as i know that the benefit system is slow, but i'm about to losed my rag, if i do, i'm worried i might go over the top.

Has anyone got any advice as what to do next?

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You should contact the guarantor immediately and demand your rent from them. After all - they guaranteed that you would receive the rent if the tenant didn't pay - and as the tenant hasn't paid you want the money from the guarantor.

I would call the guarantor and ask for a face-2-face meeting. Explain that the tenant is behind with the rent and that you want them to pay you the shortfall immediately.

If the guarantor refuses then - assuming you have a signed guarantors agreement - you could consider taking legal action against the guarantor to collect the money owing.

In my experience - most guarantors "pay up" when you contact them or, at the very least, get the tenant to pay up.

Good luck,


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Sorry to hear of your situation..............................I fear you are about to be stuffed! Having said that, I hope it works out for you in the end. Keep us posted won't you.

To everyone else...........now you know why I don't get involved with DSS!

The rental money should be paid within 14 days of occupation direct to the Landlord!!!!

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Phone the benefit office explain that you are the landlord and ask what the situation is with the claim. they wont give out all the info (data protection) but they do give out some such as if they are waiting for for info from tenant or if claim has been agreed and how much and when it is going to be paid.

it might be differant from council to council but that is what mine do.

also get the tenant if you can to sign a letter to ask council to pay benefit direct to you then fax it straight away.

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Time to lean on the Guarantor, you've been reasonable, but now you need to flex abit of muscle (if need be). Ask for immediate payment from the guarantor, then let him hunt down the money. Or a maximum of one week for the guarantor to pay up. It does take ages for the council to get going but is sounds like you've had enough. Tell the guarantor you are currently seeking legal advice.

Be Lucky

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