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Appliance replacement


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A tenant has recently reported that the oven, washing machine and fridge are faulty and need replacing, I understand that I must replace the oven, but do not feel I should replace the other appliances and the tenant should do this. Where do I stand legally with this?

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If the appliances were in the property and form part of the contract for renting then it is reasonable that the Landlord will have to replace them if they are faulty.

Are you letting furnished or unfurnished?

Have you considered repairing the appliances? What about good quality second-hand appliances?

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Given that :

a)you provided white goods as part of the tenancy agreement

:D your tenants have reported them to be faulty

c) your handyman has advised you to replace them

d) any replacement would be tax deductable against rental income ....

I don't understand why you don't just replace them !

Many landlords make this type of mistake. ie: argue with tenants about replacing broken white goods, causing an upset to the tenants (because they are unable to cook food, keep their food cool and wash their clothes whilst you are arguing), leading to the tenants terminating the tenancy and the landlord losing out on rent and incurring lots of fees and hassle trying to find more tenants who will also expect a working fridge, washing machine and oven !

In other words, the price of a new washing machine + new oven + new fridge is probably going to be less than the rent you will lose and the fees you will incur if your tenant serves notice on you and leaves (because you would not maintain your property).

And the inland revenue will contribute up to 40 % !!


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