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Old Potterton boiler


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It's a bit of topic but here goes-

I'm going to be moving soon and the new house has a potterton boiler in, it's going to be at least 12-15 years old.

What I was wondering is, is it worth replacing due to being so old?

Would a new condensing combi be better/more efficient ?

The house has 3 floors, 6 beds, 2 bathroom and 3 toilets.

Any advise appreciated.



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I can only post about my own experience of Potterton boilers. I have one, fitted in 1989....a Potterton Profile......large detached house, it still works perfectly.

Its serviced most years but not all. I fit corrosion inhibitor most years. Its only been repaired 3 times in almost 25 years @ approx £150 a time. There isn't much to go wrong, spares are readily available.

On that basis......my advice is service it, keep it, cherish it and save yourself a few £000's by not having a new one fitted.

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I could have and I could easily afford to have the latest boiler with all the latest whistles and bells fitted and my Son is always on at me to get it changed (at trade price of course. :D ) but I don't.

I have an 18 year old floor standing Ideal boiler which serves a reasonably large property and it works just fine but of course it is less efficient than a modern boiler but do you know by how much it is less efficient? .... 5% ...as calculated by my Son.

If your boiler is serviceable here is what I recommend.

System chemical power flush and refill with Fernox inhibiting fluid. That's it.

A good heating engineer should be able to keep your boiler going for years as the spares are still available and cheap to buy.

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How are potterton's for efficiency? Any ideas ?

Also I've heard you can have more than one thermostat, i.e. one on ground floor and one on top floor. Could this be done easily with an older boiler?

No Sorry.

You are talking about zone valving now and an inspection of system layout and intallation is needed.

You cannot have 2 T'stats. fighting one another for control of the boiler heat demand.

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If it's not broken.........don't fix it!

There is no way a modern combi/condensing all singing and dancing boiler is going to live as long as what you already have. When you talk about efficency and economy , It's important to look at the big picture.

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