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BedBugs infestation - who is responible


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Hi all, after some advice my g/f finds her self in with here flat / landlord concerning an infestation of bed bugs.

A brief outline of the time line:

  1. Previous flat mate moves out and cleans the room
  2. My G/F moves from here old room into the now empty room + cleans the room.
  3. She spend 1 week there before leaving for 2 weeks on holiday.
  4. She return from the holidays and while cleaning the flat & bed we discover the bed bugs!.
  5. She Contact Landlord via email and telephone +pictures of the discovery for confirmation.
  6. Check with new flatmate who has taken my G/F old room and she has had no issues or concerns
  7. She has also spoken to previous flat mate who departed and she states "yes I use to get bitten sometimes but I did not think anything of it!...)
  8. Landlord contacted my G/F and indicates that it is here responsibly to find a company to fix the issue and pay for the issue...

Here issue issue with this is that we have been there in effect less than 1 week! before the discovery. She has been in that flat for over 1 year with no issues. She moves rooms and suddenly this issue occurs, and she feel like she is being penalised for an issue that she has inherited from the previous flat mate and the "blame" being attached to here over this issue. I also want to add that the landlord visit the flat during the period of people moving in / out or even check if the property was "clean" she normally takes a very hands off approach to the flat and tenants (to point that she lets flat mates find new people and interview them!....)

I cannot find a "Pest Control" section in here tenancy agreement so I am unsure if I am correct in wondering who is responsible both financially and management!.

*Note* This is a 3 bedroom property so risk to another 2 tenants in the property.

Thanks in advance.

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In your specific situation, the short answer is .....your landlord is responsible.

Bedbugs are usually brought into a property. If they were there when you moved in then the landlord should be expected to take action however if the bedbug issue arose whilst you was staying there then it could be likely that you indirectly brought the problem into the property.

Your options are:

1. Tell the landlord to fix the problem.....within say 7-14 days.

2. If they don't fix it within the time allowed you fix it and deduct the cost from the next rent payment.

3. Contact your local council pest control / environmental health and report your landlords lack of action.

4. Be prepared to find somewhere else to live after your landlord serves you an S21.

Good luck

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Is it your mattress or the landlord's? Yours? down to you.......landlord's? down to her.

Is your tenancy furnished or unfurnished?

Depending on the answers to the above really depends on how you approach the problem in order to resolve it.

You could adopt the approach of less hassle in stripping the bed out and spraying the mattress with a suitable bed bug killer to eradicate the problem.

Those of us who have 'done time' in hot countries learnt to live with bed bugs and it was a weekly chore to carry out what I have suggested to you.


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Thanks for responses, its a sofabed so there is no mattress :) its all funished with a couch. We are really worried that is has spread to the couch and our cloths so just a nightmare but keeping everyone informed via email so we do not have a she said / he said approach. I do love the options you ourlined above Rich thanks they are great and logical steps :)

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