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First rental experience


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and the one often forgotten........any lease restrictions/ obligations in the lease which you are legally required to pass onto the tenant. Sometimes they are added into the AST as extra clauses or they can be a stand alone sheet. eg

* Not to park bikes or keep any other personal possessions in the common areas. (affects insurance claims).

* Not to hang washing outside.

* Not to carry out vehicle repairs in any parking bay.

* etc etc.

If you don't tell the tenant, how are they expected to know what is ok or not ?

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Richlist's points above may be included in a Code of Conduct, which may also include e.g. noise, nuisance, etc.

Also may include insurance certificate for group policy covering common areas etc., scheduling restrictions on activities etc.

Never heard of a 'code of conduct'.......its never been mentioned in any of the many books I've read on BTL either.

Could you provide an example or a web link please.

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