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Need some advice please.

I started renting my property in March 2012 as I couldn't sell it due to drop in market.

I have just realised that I need to pay tax for last years renting and am panicking as I'm confused as to what I need to do because am employed full time and have read somewhere that if my rental income after expenses is below 2k then I can fill a form P810 which has no deadline?

Or if I want to fill a self-assessment form I need to apply for a UTR number first and my deadline is for online only which is 31st January and the paper deadline was in October 2012 so I don't have enough time to get my UTR number and do it online.

Any advice? Have I missed anything which will help?

Many thanks,


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I suggest you ring the tax man, they are usually very helpful and free.

It used to be that the 1st tax year could be 18 months long but maybe that has changed since the 80's ??

The worst is the £100 fine and a penalty for unpaid tax. I would be surprised if it amounted to much.

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