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Found 6 results

  1. So this is a question about Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on transfers of property. Capital Gains Tax and trusts also come into it. Q1. Has anyone managed to transfer properties from an 'active partnership' (properties held in joint names) into a limited company and then gone on to claim back the extra 3% SDLT successfully? Q2. Has anyone transferred properties or part-shares of a property to one of their children and if so, can they confirm that SDLT is not liable if no payment is given in return? Q3. Has anyone done a transfer of property to a trust they have set up for their children an
  2. I recently replaced single glazed windows with double glazed units which is a tax allowable expense. My question is as the contract was entered into in one tax year and a deposit paid in the same tax year but the balance paid in the following tax year is the whole cost allowable in the year the contract was entered into or split between the actual years money was paid? I did find some HMRC notes but have mislaid the reference. Any thoughts welcome.
  3. Hi Everyone, Can you help please? I work for an Estate Agency and every year we organise free events at our branches where we discuss topics such as Tax, one of our most popular event to date, or How to maximise your buy to let investment or Managing your property effectively. Today, I’d like to find out landlords or vendors what you’d be interested in learning about? Eg: where to invest, legal ownership issues, Inheritance, managing tenants etc Your suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks for your help Sylvie
  4. Hello there, does anyone know if, when you are filling out the self assesment tax return as someone who rents out one property, you have to declare your normal 'day job' income on the tax return? I don't quite inderstand as the tax has already been paid on it, why they would want it on this form, but I dont want to make a mistake. There does seem to be a section for it, though. Many thanks.
  5. Quick question: In my tax year of 2011/2012 I incurred a £400 loss so did not make any profit. Question 1) When I ring them how will they work out the tax owed for that or is it simply I don't owe them anything? Question 2) My negative loss I have read that I can carry this forward to this year's 2012/2013 tax year. Has anyone experienced this or done this to confirm how that works? Thanks, Tom
  6. Need some advice please. I started renting my property in March 2012 as I couldn't sell it due to drop in market. I have just realised that I need to pay tax for last years renting and am panicking as I'm confused as to what I need to do because am employed full time and have read somewhere that if my rental income after expenses is below 2k then I can fill a form P810 which has no deadline? Or if I want to fill a self-assessment form I need to apply for a UTR number first and my deadline is for online only which is 31st January and the paper deadline was in October 2012 so I don't
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