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Shared Rooms


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Hi All,

I rented out a two-bedroom house to a couple with a child and now one person has left taking the child with them. The remaining tenant is now only entitled to a one-bedroom house and so the housing benefit has been cut. This tenant is now asking me if it is ok if she moves a friend in so they can both rent the place on a shared room basis. I've not done this before so I'd like to know what to do about tenancy agreements - do they get one each or a joint one between them. I'd like to set it up so that if one tenant leaves then the other has to find a replacement or vacate the place. I'm happy to pay to download a tenancy agreement if someone can point me to the right place, I've been googling for days but can't be sure of getting what I want.

Any help much appreciated.


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Don't forger that apart from a new tenancy agreement you'll need to consider....

* references for the new tenant.

* deposit protection.

* new check in inventory & schedule of condition.

* rent guarantee insurance or a home owning guarantor.

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