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Housing Dept Supplied Tenants

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Today I received a call regarding one of the flats available in Prestatyn.

This was from the local Housing Dept looking to place someone, in need, on their books.

Cynically I am willing to listen to them. They wanted a viewing as soon as, "do you have someone specific in mind?"

Yes they do, so I wanted 'specifics' prior to arranging a viewing but the person with info was in a meeting.

"Does your depatement deal with HB?"

"We have close links," I take that as a sort of yes.

"Does your department deal with enforcement?"

"Er.....well yes, we deal with all housing matters."

So far Mr Blodwin hasn't returned from his meeting, I assume.

Should we have concerns inviting such a Housing Department to our properties, bearing in mind the Stalinist way these departments can wield their powers against us.

Some will recall the local council that authorised a replacement boiler with little reference to the owner (LL), also without consideration as to cause and a cost effective remedy.

My Brother recently was 'ordered' by such an inspector to attend his property at 8am the following morning (Manchester), as his T had informed the department of an infestation and flooding.

"Do it or we will and charge you."

It turns out the T had caused a spill in the kitchen and the few bugs went after use of a spray.

By coincidence my friend is in charge of that department and last Saturday while conversing with my Brother informed him "I come down heavy on these LL's".

He informed me some time ago that if a T states that Granma may visit the property then the department will class the property and its needs as high priority, any action would be 'urgent'.

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All I can say is I am glad I have the council I do..

I deal with the housing dept in my council all the time and have housed a few tenants who have a high housing need. I have a lot of support and back up from the council and am on first name terms with the dept. One on the housing team always brings double choc, choc chip biscuits for the girls in the office when they visit (about every 10 days).

I just cannot see what these other councils are trying to archive with aggressive behavior to wards landlords. Surely its all about balance.

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It's nice to hear of the mutually beneficial relationship you enjoy Grampa, it is as I would hope.

The more us and them the more the negative in most dealings as it displays mistrust.

Hopefully my, and other, examples aren't the trend I was perceiving but limited to some local policies, even if manager personal policies.

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