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Flat Adverts that may be Breaking the Law


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While I don't like that Ethnics are seemingly getting away with what a white Brit would be possibly held to account for I think discrimination laws don't work in the real world anyway.

Being selective of your living environment has got to be reasonable even if not PC.

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In my home, I WILL discriminate. I absolutely loathe the smell of strongly spiced food - and will discuss diet with potential lodgers accordingly. Whatever their colour or cultural origin. There are some adaptations to my home and lifestyle which I utterly refuse to make - disabled access, second fridge/set of cooking implements - do those mean I'm behaving illegally? For the live in LLs in that article, I see absolutely no reason why they should not be allowed to discriminate who lives in their home. Saves a lot of time-wasting. Or it would, if people actually bothered reading the adverts :rolleyes:

I'm looking for a lodger at the moment. I have hardly any discrimination in my advert, but discriminate ALL THE TIME against "applicants". However, how would/could discrimination be proved in any of the following real recent examples? NB my advert contains reasonable detail about what to expect from the house/me, only one of the following had the courtesy to give decent info:

No profile on website, email ID inconclusive even as to gender, no other info in e-mail than this text: Does the room have a key and what's the broadband download limits?

Me: No, the room does not have a key. It's my home, not a hotel

(Chinese name on the e-mail and 2nd question academic, NEXT)

Gentleman who had no profle, but actually sounded like a contender for passing to the viewing stage for the first 10 minutes of the telephone conversation starts getting a bit weird: Would it worry you that I have brown skin?

Me: No

Gentleman: Does it bother you that I'm 6 years younger than you?

Me: Um, no (brings conversation to swift close)

(Indian accent and origin irrelevant , but WTF? this was not a dating website the last time I looked - NEXT)

Very young lady, no profile on the website: Very nice e-mail with info about herself and assuring me that her mum and dad would pay rent and act as guarantors while she is attending the local college.

Me: Thanks, but no thanks

(Why the hell would an 18 year old girl want to houseshare with a 42 year old woman? Suspect parental pressure to share with a Nice (they don't know me ~grin) Safe Older Lady. Muslim religion irrelevant - I'm not a ****ing babysitter or surrogate parent, NEXT)

I will leave the room empty rather than feeling uncomfortable in my own home or going through the hassle of having to evict someone (OK, much easier as a live in LL, but I'd be fretting about vandalism afterwards ...)

Making discrimination in advertising illegal won't stop discrimination, there are far more important things to worry about in the rental economy IMO.

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