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Hi, just to put you in the picture.

I suggested last month that a poster might wish to contact these guys for help in evicting tenant and Richlist accurately posted that the company had gone into voluntary liquidation in May 2012.

Their website is still up and all the numbers work. I have spoken to Paul Shamplina today and he tells me that the liquidation was part of a process to resolve a partner dispute and that everything is operating as advertised.

He is obviously very busy but took time out to listen to my issue and refer me to the right person. I had also attended a Landlords Meeting just over a year ago where he had a speaking slot and I found him very helpful.

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They ended up owing £72,000 in debts. I wonder if they will settle these debts and who these creditors are.

My bet is that it will be HMRC(VAT & Tax ) followed by rental payments to business landlord and council tax authority followed by their suppliers followed by the poor old window cleaner.

That's the normal run of things when a company goes bust and opens up the following day under a new name with the same people in charge.

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Well if that is what they have done, then it would seems that my view of them was not far from the mark. As a customer do you want to run the risk of having a limited company turnining around and saying thanks for your cash but we have now gone bust (again).

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interesting read.....

72k of debts

Can't view as you have to be a member and I don't want to login or join into this website.

Can you give us the overall gist of what is being said?

Regards Mel.

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Their press release isquite interesting which is referred to above and can be found here atLandlordToday.


it was sent out onthe 14th august and the press release doesnt really make much sense.

it says:

"dispelrumours that it is in trouble"

however they wentin to liquidation on 25th may 2012.

"the firmnever stopped trading!

however the companywent in to liquidation on 25th May 2012.

"I bought thecompany"

however Mr Kaplinbought the assets not the company

"the debtshave been repaid"

so why did you notdo this before the company went in to liquidation and save yourselves a wholeload of embarrassement


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