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Tenant no-show!


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Hi there - any advice on my situation greatly appreciated!

My flat was let a couple of months ago, due to start on 19th May. They signed the tenancy agreement in which it was stated that he would pay 6 months rent up front. However, they did not move in on the proposed start date as there was delay in transferring the money to the agent (from his French account) - therefore no keys provided.

We are now almost two weeks on and it now turns out that the transfer delay may have been a ruse and that he is most likely still in France due to the fact that his wife is getting cold feet!

So I am sitting with an empty flat with no money and he is asking for more time to give us a "final decision"! But he has signed an agreement saying he'll pay rent from 19th May.

Is there anything I can do?



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I believe that if he signed the contract stating that he would be renting the property from you, he will still be liable for the rent whether he moved in or not. My advice is to rather get advice regarding this from a laywer, just to be sure that you are not stepping out of any boundaries when you need to address the situation.

Good luck and please keep us updated.

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"Final Decision"? Decision had already been made had it not?

No Money.....No Keys... No flat..... At least you are fortunate they are not in occupation.

Don't mess about......notify them they have 72hrs. to transfer the money or they are in breach of any contract you may have signed.......and move on!

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