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Letting with cats?


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In your shoes I'd either:

1. Give up now or

2. Get rid of the cats.

Alternatively, accept that you will have an uphill struggle to find anything better than a poor quallity slum and that finding that will probably take you months..

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Good point

I am away for 6 months. I've been told I could get £550 per week for my property & I don't want to sacrifice the lot much as i love my cats. If necessary I'll take them with me but I know they'd rather be at home. It may not be possible I just want to explore the idea.

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In your shoes I wouldn't grant a tenancy.

Take a lodger, draw up a lodger agreement protect your rights to the property.

As lodger they have next to no rights, as T they have far more rights than you.

The sooner you take 'the right' person (BIG risk that one) the sooner you know if they can be trusted in your absence.

Be aware that after 6 months they may claim exclusive rights and prevent you entering. Then, unless you can gain access legally, it's their property until the courts say otherwise.

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I'd be more worried about the cats - I have 3 rescue cats myself. Say tenant comes along who fancies a cheap let, you accept them and go off for 6 months and tenant does not feed cats or look after them, has wild parties, moves mates in with dog, etc,etc.

What would happen if cats need vet treatment? Would the tenant be responsible for sorting that out? That is a big responsibility.

The only sure way to go is to put cats in cattery and rent flat out via an agent. Rent pays towards cattery fees.

Better still stay at home and care for your pets. Your responsibility.


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