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Telephone & Broadband connections


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I was hoping someone could give advice re. what telecoms type stuff to put into a house. Basically it's my first BTL, and I'll be renting to students so they'll have 11 months tenancies. I'm having a bit of trouble working out how to do the telecoms stuff, since there's no BT line connected at the moment and setting one up with cost £130 and will also establish a 12 month contract (in my name).

What services should I provide, and do you have any ideas re. the time frame stuff?



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Many of my T's have no intention of having a landline, just mobile.

From what I see most young un's use mobile broadband also.

I wouldn't bother. My contract specifically excludes my responsibility toward communications and antennas.

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You need to ensure the following services ONLY.....Water, Sewerage / Drainage, Electricity & possibly Gas.....noothing else is your responsibility.

Its not going to be possible for you to have a working telephone line available.......you'd have to pay £130 one off paymment and commit to a 12 month contract so, not really practicle as you will not be living there.

Just do what everybody else does.......NOTHING.

1. If they don't ask you don't volunteer any info.

2. If they do ask you must tell any applicants the truth ie that BT telephone and broadband connections are available and tenants will need to contact BT for details.

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