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It's Rent Increase Time.

Carryon Regardless

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My standing orders all expire after the 20th January payment, so it's now that I issue the s/o for the next 12 months.

I also do some market research to gauge a reasonable, if any, rent increase that may be applied.

My style of information is an informal letter to the T's, my details, their details, new rent amount, when payable, signed.

For their details I have used the property address but only their Christian name, so maybe needs amendment, although no one else by that name will be living there ??

Aside from the surname I believe the required info is present, but there is no title 'Section 13 notice (Housing Act 1988)', should there be ?

Time period requirements are observed.

So far I have not had issue and T do as requested, but I read that unless the correct notice is served repossession due to unpaid rent may be thwarted (S8 so doesn't really worry me anyway), but more serious a T 'may' be able to recover some rents paid, the not correctly S13 notified portion I would guess.

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Mine to.

I've read a few enet pages and as usual there are inconclusive and sometime conflicting 'opinion'.

I present my polite letter, T commences new payments (having presented the s/o to their bank), and I would say that that represents an agreement.

If I am required, by our intelligent legislation, to present a prescribed notice and haven't I wonder if I am now at some increased risk, ya know Shelter and all that.

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