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Housing Benifit Pay


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I have 2 of my 4 rooms let to working people but am finding it hard to get the last 2.

Iv had 3 requests by people on benefit.

Iv always been wary of this but i need the rooms rented asap.

Iv read that if the tenent agrees and they have certain circumstances i can get the benefit paid direct to me. Is this true, will it cost me and is it foolproof and straight foward?

Iv also read that if they are 8 weeks late then the council have to pay me, is this true and do they actually do it.

Any Advise


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Any payment s of HB direct to LL can be clawed back if later found to be an overpayment / incorrect claim.

When 8 weeks in arrears you can request direct payment and will likely get it. I've heard f sories of T's diverting payments back to them, but you should be informed.

There's not much fool proof or reliable about HB.

Expect your heating bills to rise.

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Hi and thanks.

Iv just read on another forum that if the T tells the council that i will only give them tenancy if they pay me direct then they will.

Ill need this all in writing from them.

The only problem is the T only gets £55 pw and the room is £75 so im gonna have to rely on him to give that to me in cash at the end of the month..

I am bracing myself for the bills.


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I wouldn't touch HB with a bargepole......In fact I wouldn't touch HB with someones elses bargepole.

HB is a recipe for disaster.

No rent guarantee, no guarantor, no confidence, higher bills, more risks......are there actually any benefits ? :rolleyes:

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