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Pedantic Tenant a pain in the


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Hi folks,

Hoping you can help. As a reluctant landlord I have been renting our 6 bed house out on 2 year lease, coming up for renewal in 6 months. The tenants have looked after the property well, but they are pedantic to a point of pain.

When we let the property they saw it and liked it. As a new build it was in pretty immaculate condition - and is a lovely big bright airy house. However they asked for it to be painted all magnolia - which cost me over a grand. I agreed to do it. They then asked if I could convert the end of the garage into another room, and again I reluctantly agreed to do it. They then asked for the carpets to be professionally cleaned again because it wasn't up to their standards. Again I reluctantly agreed to do it.

Since then however their demands have been more annoying. For example they have been pestering me for 9 months because a couple of the doors don't close very easily. There are a couple of windows where the plasterer left an air gap underneath where they have asked for this to be closed. These I am ok with as will only cost a day labour for a chippy to fix. But where I really draw the line is that there is a slight draft coming through the patio doors, and when there is heavy rain there is a slight dribble that comes through. This is because the top of one of the french doors has twisted slightly.

Two chippies have said the doors need to be replaced to repair it properly. This will cost £1500 as it it is a high spec house and so would need to be done in keeping.

To my mind, when I rent a house out, I am not warranting that it is and always will be free from drafts, or that every door will hermetically seal perfectly, and that basically the house is as it is, not as it could be with unlimited time and money. Don't get me wrong, the house is immaculate apart from these to my mind minor issues so we aren't talking rackman here. Where do I stand? Is there a principle that if a tenant takes on a house then upon taking occupancy the landlord is required to make good every snagging list item the tennats come up with? I'm 10k out of pocket on these extra's cos of my own generosity, but I am annoyed now.

Apart from this desire for perfection, they have actually been excellent tennants, the place is immaculately maintained by them. Any thoughts please?

Ta. Jack

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Its my experience that when you let relatively high end property at rent levels that are only affordable by either the wealthy or professionals (often reimbursed by their employer) you are going to get this situation.

I worked abroad for a few years and rented out my UK property so had similar experiences. The more professional the tenant, the higher their expectations.

Clearly, as a new build, there are going to be a few snags that need fixing. But, its really up to you which ones you agree to have done. Doors that don't close and gaps around/under windows are, in my opinion, a must to get done. Painting the whole house magnolia, converting the garage and spending £1500 on replacing doors is absolutey ridiculous.

The problem is if you start agreeing to everything they ask for they soon learn you are an easy touch and expect you to jump every time they shout frog. Seems like you've made the situation worse by also asking them how high they want you to jump!

The good news is they have signed a 2 year contract.......never recommended but, it means they are committed to pay until the end of the term.

As Grampa says just learn to say NO.

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So this is along the lines I suspected. Not being a professional landlord, then its fair to say not as experienced in this as I should be. We hadn't planned to rent out and only did so because of the house not selling.

Therefore - as you both rightly say I have gone further than I wanted to, but I say no now.

Really appreciate your comments. Thanks


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