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Eviction of Tenant


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I and my wife are the co-ownerof a flat in Kolkata which was rented for 11 (eleven) months on tenancyagreement in June’10.

Since I need the flatfor the use of my daughter who will get married in early Oct’11, I requestedthe tenant in May’11 verbally to vacate the flat within 30 days. In the monthof June 11 however tenant had agreed to vacate the flat in early Oct’11. Now tenant is notwilling the vacate the flat even in Oct’11 and I have issued notice (pasted on the doorof the flat and front gate the building) on 18th Aug’11 to vacatethe flat within 7 (Seven) days. I have also lodged complaint to local policeunder General Diary on 22.08.11. Still there is no positive movement from thetenant side.Notice date isexpiring on 25th Aug’11 and what would be my steps to vacate theflat. I need possession of the flat on or about 18th Sept’11.

Electric bill is in myname and tenant is paying the bill monthly. I am not receiving rent for the last two months.Can I disconnect electricity and water supply?

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