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Put an additional kitchen in my house


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Hello guys!

I am looking for some advice. I’ve got a house with really large living room. I am thinking to convert it to kind of studio flat. I am planning to divide it into two parts – bedroom and kitchen/sitting room. So I am not going to put bathroom/shower there, as it’s too complicated. I am not sure whether I need any planning permission for such work. Actually what I’ll do is just to add extra kitchen to my house. Is it legal to have two kitchens? Could you help, please?

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If you sub divide the house you are in fact altering the original property and that will require planning and building permission. Think property insurance as well as this will be completly altered on policy terms by what you are proposing to do.

You can have two kitchens without any problem requiring planning etc. BUT you would have to declare this on any insurance proposal as it is non standard and insurance companies are notorous for not paying out in the event of a claim if they consider you have concealed facts.... either intentionally or not.


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It might be an idea to :

1. Draw up a detailed specification.

2. Cost the work by getting a few builders to provide prices.

3. Establish the rental income you could achieve from carrying out the work.

4. Consider the likely increase or decrease in value of your property.

5. Identify any problems & costs associated with Mortgage Lenders, Insurers, HMO Licencing, or Legal.

6. Then decide to spend your money on something else. :D

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Thank you all, guys!

Yes, I am aware that I'll have to tell my insurance company about changes. This is only a small issue. I do not really want to subdivide my house into 2 separate accommodations. Just put second kitchen in the existing living room and rent it out as Bedroom+Living room+Kitchenette.

Richlist, thanks for useful info ))

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I'd also suggest you employ someone (an architect or surveyor) to draw up plans to ensure you meet the current building regs.

I'm not qualified but the sort of questions & issues that you may need to overcome are....

* Is a separate fused circuit required for the kitchen ?

* Laying in gas or 40 amp electricity supply for cooker.

* Heating.

* Air Extraction.

* Suitable connection to drains.

* Fire doors/ escape

* etc.

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