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I am renting a house which has a garage connected to it. We have used the garage over the past year and because we are not allowing the owners friend/PA to move in they have now stated that we cant use this anymore. We dont agree to this as it forms part of the property we have gardening stuff in here though we have allowed the owners to keep some of their belongings in here what can we do about it can the landlord do this.


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If they want their friend to move in your days are numbered and you are likely to get a section 21 notice anyway so it may be worthwhile to start looking for another property to rent.

You could research the going rental rate for garages in your area and write to your landlord stating you will reduce your rent by the same amount if they insist on you not using it. I would point out it may not be advisable to follow it through.

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If the garage forms part of the original agreement then you cannot be stopped from using it for storage etc.

A rough guide to garage letting/rental in a domestic situation it is worth around £10 a week for storage etc.

I also think because of all the problems you seem to be experiencing I would consider moving on.

Your landlord is lucky that you are still paying the rent with all the hassle you seem to be having. Most tenants would have stopped paying by now.

How is the HMO registration going? and obtaining the gas and electric certificates etc.?


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