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Dispersal of costs by Agent


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Hi, hope somone can advice.

We recently had some work quoted for a property, subject of an insurance claim.

Our Agent dispersed the full amout of the quote against the rental income, without checking the work was done. I went up to the property, and it looks like the only work done was to patch a ceiling, about £250 worth, but we have been charged £1,900 for the full scope of work. The Agent has refused to refund the money, saying our arguement is with the Builder (Who is their tradesman!). The tradesman has also refused to refund the money. I suspect that there is some collusion between the tradesman and the Agent, as having checked another property, i find that we have been charged for work that has not been done, al;though of a much lower value.

Any idea's - my initial thoughts were that we have to seek redress from the Agent, but other peolpe are saying it is the Tradesman.

Many thanks

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I have some experience of this type of collusion between LA and their tradesman.

The Tradesman is a sub contractor to the LA but what you have to prove is that the LA directly instructed the tradesman to carry out the work and received payment from that work....tricky to say the least.

I would suggest you take small claims court action against the tradesman but consider action also against the LA. Normally once this happens you might find that an agreement to a refund may happen to avoid the court action.

£1900 to patch repair a ceiling is a joke of course. I know that and you and everyone else reading this knows that.

Last year I had a complete 4m x 4m ceiling re-boarded and plaster skimmed by a vat registered builder (cash though) and the charge to me was £600 and I didn't know this builder chap at all so it wasn't Mates Rates. This will give you some idea what you should pay for this type of work and a patch repair should cost no more than say £2-300 tops.


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You need to get two independent quotes/professional opinions on headed paper for the work that has be done on your property that contradicts what the tradesman was supposed to do before you go to court. Though a well written letter before action alone sometimes gets a result.

You also threaten to report them for insurance fraud to the insurance company.

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