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Tenant going at last!!!!


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Hi, our lovely tenant is now going thank gawd! And her deposit is protected in the dps. We have no idea of the state of the house as she has cancelled every house inspection. If we need to make a claim how do we do it? afterall only we know the state of the house before she moved in. And we once had a tree in the garden, it seems she and her boyfriend cut it down and sold the wood!!!!! The tree was planted for a special anniversary. Can we make a claim for the tree? she says her boyfriend did it - he is on the tenancy though he has actually gone. Thank you.

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Hi, no we don't - except after the last tenant who left it in quite a mess we got professional painters and cleaners in. The house was done to quite a high standard, and there is a fully fitted kitchen - but we accept wear and tear - but the tree?????? thank you.

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I stopped taking deposits as I didn't agree with the protection principle. For deterrent reasons I'm taking them again and protecting it with he DPS.

My thoughts don't align with others I expect.

With a bad T the deposit only covers a small part of the losses as I couldn't take more than £500 - £600.

If there is intention to claim from T or G the deposit is of little consequence anyway. In the event the success of a claim is doubtful anyway, often we just accept the losses and get on with it.

With good T's if there is a claim on the deposit for this or that they will often be reasonable.

To go to the effort and / or pay for a check in / check out is clearly an expense to us. You may charge an admin fee to cover this, but you can and keep the dosh anyway.

I view that to pay the additional costs and still potentially have to 'prove' your case to the DPS just 'aint worth the hassle. A fair portion of any award is aleady lost in additional admin costs, and this ignores the effort required to create your claim with the DPS.

I will be awkward enough to make it less easy for a bad T to recover the deposit but I won't waste my time fighting a biased system.

If there is likelihood of success I would claim through the courts.

I don't view that it's my job to aid recovery of the deposit for even a good T. Already I have administrated it's transfer of funds and supplied 10 pages of documentation for the T to read (fat chance). I always supply an early rental statement showing DPS references.

Recently a T expected me to organise return as they were unaware. Departed to unknown address and owing a few quids (£227.10) for small repairs I left the deposit dormant.

They eventually researched how to recover from the DPS(over 2 months) so I raised a claim with the DPS, the T accepted the claim so they could get the rest of their £543. It was easier for me that way.

That's my first experience of DPS so I'm still learning.

It seems reasonable for us to charge admin for the deposit return efforts (minimalised as they were), but I bet I'm wrong there.

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