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where to advertise property to rent?

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I am lucky that 'word of mouth' seems to work for me with recommendations from existing or departing tenants.

I don't do DSS so shop window/Post Office type adverts are out as far as I am concerned. Could be wrong here but I think this type of advertising will draw in the wrong type of tenant for the private or inexperienced landlord.

The free advertising websites ( Google for them ) have never worked for me in the past and any enquiries I received from that source the prospective tenant would always turn out to be unsuitable or nearly always a DSS person(s) trying to get a property by saying they were wanting to rent as a private tenant.

In the past I have used am LA's "finders fee" which has worked out to be anywhere between £400 to £450 but I havn't had any reason to go through an LA for 5 years now.

The main thing is if you go for private advertising is that you MUST carry out ALL the security checks of who is going to be occupying your property. Never cut corners or expense on this process.


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A good one for me in the past has been a to let board in window.yes i do get the calls from dss tenants but i can turn them down when they call.i have most of my tenants this way and they are working.

Free to advertise sites are ok but not sure they get the number of visitors.gumtree now charge and the replies were pretty much undesirable anyway.

The local newspaper is good.

Make sure you do all checks if referencing yourself.

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