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Local Authority Community Tax


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This is not a hard luck story more a heads up to others who might fall into the same trap...

We bought a re-possessed property late last year that needed quite a lot of re-furbishment before we could let it.

Looked at the Loc authority web site re exposure to community tax and found information to the effect that there were tax exemptions for a period of 6 months for un-furnished properties undergoing repairs and refurbishment.

Just now had a shock to receive Com Tax bill inrespect of a large portion to the time we believed we were immune.

Reason given to us is that (unknown to us) the property became un-occupied in July last year. We purchased it mid November believing we had 6 months to clean it up to a standard suitable to rent only to now find out that the six months grace given by the council had ended in mid January. As It was put to me "the exemption appies to the house and not the owner" thus leaving us with a £370 unexpected bill..

Moral of the story to me anyway is don't believe all you read on web sites, check it out as well. Expensive lesson but thats life I guess....

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Thanks for the tip.

I've found different councils have different policies.

With some it is possible to negotiate extensions to the original exemption period, or at least a discount.

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Correct.......I can confirm that Swindon Council along with the vast majority of Councils declare the 6 months from the date that the property is registered as unoccupied.

There is a glimmer of hope for you in that you can appeal and receive 12 months total if the property is undergoing major refurb (I don't mean a coat of magnolia either :D )

I am doing this right now on a property whereby I have 9 months ( or less if I finish earlier) to fix up the property up to a rentable standard.


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