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My tenant used to be on a 1 year AST it expired 3 years ago so he is now on a periodic tenancy, he pays rent every month

I want to raise the rent.

Can anyone tell me how much notice i have to give him

glad of any advise thanks

The terms should be contained in your AST but I would say to you a miniumum of 1 month but 2 is quite normal.

If you have a good, paying, no nonsense, tenant then I would be careful on how much you raise the rent otherwise he may start to look around and decide to move on. This is going to be a difficult year for everyone financially and tenants like everyone else will be looking to trim their cash flow.


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The best way to increase the rent on a periodic tenancy is by serving a Section 13(2) notice ..... this tells the tenant you propose to raise the rent from a defined date in the future.

You should give the tenant AT LEAST 1 months notice so that (if they object to your rent increase) they can serve notice and move before the new rent comes into affect.

I would normally give my tenants about six weeks notice ie: 2 weeks before the next rent payment is due I would serve the Section 13(2)informing them that the rent will be going up the "month after next". This gives the tenants plenty of time to decide whether they wish to accept the new rent or leave.

Finally, remember that you can only increase the rent once every 12 months during periodic tenancies.

Hope that helps ....


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Agree with the above but I usually write a nice letter saying that although I have to increase the rent by £X I hope that the tenants will stay on as the property still represents good value as I have seen similar at higher prices with agents in the area ( check to make sure this is so). For most tenants the thought of having to go through the mill of agents again is enough to make them stay I find + like Mel says - a small, reasonable increase.


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