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Tenant find service & the DPS.


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I do... as Landlord on a tenant find only service.

It depends on what arrangements you have made with the LA but a word of warning if the LA goes bust or defaults you will be liable to refund any deposit NOT held within the DPS if that LA has failed to register the deposit in the first place so ensure you have documentry evidence to support the registering of your tenants deposit.


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Hi All

please could someone answer my question.

When an agent does a tenant find only service who's should put the deposit in the DPS???

1- Should it be the agent under their ID number ?

2- The Landlord under their ID number ?

Thanks in advance.

The Agent takes the deposit so they should deposit it under your ID no as they have had the Prescribed Info signed and witnessed if they did it right.

When an agent logs in, they have the choice to add it under someone else ID No.

Ring the DPS direct, they are a great help on the phone

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Hi Kelly Anne,

I would expect the landlord to register the deposit on a Tenant Find service as the landlord will be managing the tenancy (and the eventual check-out process).

If you have instructed your agent to perform a rent collection or full management service then I would expect them to register the deposit (as they will be managing the tenancy throughout its lifecycle).

Hope that helps ......


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