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Public Liability Insurance


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Do any fellow Landlords have public liability insurance? If so, what does it generally cover you for and is it something worth considering?



Public liability insurance covers you for any injury or damage you cause while performing your job. Unless you are a full time landlord who is constantly visiting their tenants then it is doubtful you will need it. However it only takes one visit to a property and you somehow trip and knock your tenant's ming vase off the shelf!

Remember public liability insurance is what injury/damage YOU cause. Most buildings insurance policies automatically include Property owners liability which covers any injury/damage that your PROPERTY causes that you are liable for as the property owner.

Very few landlords take out public liability insurance (maybe 1 in 100 as an estimate) but the cost is very small for the amount of cover it provides so it is certainly worth considering.

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I had the exact same issue the other month. To me peace of mind is worth a lot more than the few quid it costs to get covered. In the end I went with this company that offers public liability insurance for landlords (there are other insurance companies offering similar insurance in Devon!). I agree, few landlords have this insurance, but at least I can sleep soundly at night!

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Most and I say most insurance policies for landlord's and private/public housing policies do have public liability included to the value of £2 million which you can increase if you wish to and the additional premium if you need to add this PL to your policy is minimal cost.

Check youe insurance docs. now and see....it would be interesting to see if anyone doesn't have it already included in their policy.


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