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A little help!


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A mate of mine has asked me to post this so please don't shoot the messenger. He says he keeps getting the log in screen when coming to this forum. He can't log in no matter what he does. He's done nothing wrong and has emailed the forum administrator but has had nothing back.

The error he's seeing is:

Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board.

Can someone please give me something I can tell him? He's driving me mad!

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I am assuming he is registered to post?

I sometimes get the same message and there is nothing for it but to log in with my user name and my password and then everything is OK for a couple of weeks.

I believe this forum is not heavily monitered by moderators and it is a case of contacting them to highlight any problem.


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Ok, I've tried to help him by testing a few things. What he is seeing is the same message whatever he does. The following links at the bottom of the page don't work for him:

Forgotten Password Recovery

Register a new account

Our help database

Same message: Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board

Does anyone have an email address of a moderator to send a message to? Other than the one at the bottom of the page. He's tried that without success.

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This is the only information I could find.........................

Contacting the moderating team

If you need to contact a moderator or simply wish to view the complete administration team, you can click the link 'The moderating team' found at the bottom of the main board page (the first page you see when visiting the board), or from 'My Assistant'.

This list will show you administrators (those who have administration control panel access), global moderators (those who can moderate in all forums) and the moderators of the individual forums.

If you wish to contact someone about your member account, then contact an administrator - if you wish to contact someone about a post or topic, contact either a global moderator or the forum moderator.

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Thanks for your help. There are two administrators for the forum so tried to send to the first and got an error that said their inbox was full. The second was a bit more promising.

He said he'd buy me a drink if I manage to help fix this for him. It must mean a lot to him because he's never bought me a drink in his life :-)

Oh and if he gets back on here he'll see what I've been saying. I hope he buy's me that drink before he reads these comments :-)

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