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Gas Hob ignition


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Hello. I have just had a gas certificate done, prior to re-letting my flat. The person who issued the certificate said that the gas hob is illegal because the electronic ignition does not work. Both I (when I lived there) and the tenant who has just left used matches to light the hob. I am surprised because this was not commented on by man (not the same chap) issuing certificate in prior years.

Is there a requirement to have a working ignition?

I understand ,of course, that any newly fitted hob must be FSD compliant, but can find nothing on internet regarding legislation on ignitions.

Many thanks.

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These gas people are not Corgi anymore that changed to Gas Safe, I would think that this could be a new requirement as a result but then again why would he issue you with a certificate.

How much would it cost to get the ignition fixed ? It might not be that expensive or phone Gas Safe.



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My latest certificate is from May 2009 and includes a hob with electronic igniters. There is nowhere in inspection details about recording performance of igniters. I cannot find any reference to igniters within Gas Safety (I and U) regs.

I make a point of explaining and demonstrating all igniters to new tenants on arrival. That way I can spot a lazy one and advise tenant what to do (use a remote or match). In my case the oven wall switch needs to be on.

If in doubt, as Selkirk says, get it fixed.

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Hi Richard,

If it is illegal - get it fixed. Your tenant's well being is the most important thing .... why would you endanger your tenant's life?

Injured tenants(maimed by a defective gas hob) tend to have difficulty paying their rent ........... and a custodial sentence may follow if it can

be proved that you did not show a duty of care towards your tenant ....

Good Luck,


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The GasSafe Inspector will state on the certificate that the ignition is not working which he has to do so by law.

The rules of the inspection are to check that the appliance is serviceable and in working order and if your gas ignition is not working then you have an unserviceable gas hob which requires repairing or replacing.

It can only benefit your Tenant to ensure he/she/they has a serviceable and correctly working gas hob.


PS We would fail your hob as well.

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Have you checked the electric supply to the hob? A fuse or even a wiring loom for the igniter system should be quite cheap to replace.

Also igniters can suffer from damp. I have had this trouble after cleaning the burners. Light and run each burner for a few minutes and the igniters may start to work again.

Whether or not the hob is illegal should not be the issue. The risk is the effect of a delay in igniting the gas.

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Yes, you do have to have a working ignition for the gas hob.

Contact your landlord or LA or the company signing off the certificate.

I refer you to my comment from June 6th 2009 above.

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